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Chris Spotville - Hey anybody on ps4 have a lv50 & 70 luck

My name is Charrisx and this is my build for Jakobs / non-automatic weapons. I have been playing as Nisha for a very long time, in fact she is the only character I play, and I have experimented with many Nisha builds. In all my time spent playing Nisha no build that I have played with has been as devastating or as fun for me as this one. Level 25 Skill Build for Nisha the Lawbringer: Law & Order 1 - Fan the Hammer 16 - The Riflewoman 5 In-depth General Nisha Build Guide (Skills, Items, Combat, and Boss Fights) Hey all.

Nisha borderlands build

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But hell, at least she wears it with a smile. „ — Matt Armstrong, Borderlands Franchise Director Leveling Build . Nisha's grootste zwakte is waarschijnlijk haar gebrek aan regelrechte overlevingskansen in vergelijking met andere Vault Hunters in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Wilhelm heeft zijn bots, de Doppleganger heeft zijn drones, Athena heeft haar schild, zelfs de bloedige Claptrap kan volgelingen voortbrengen en toch kan Nisha beter Borderlands 2/PS Builds. 2012.09.16 15:45 DarkstarIV Borderlands 2/PS Builds. 2014.10.17 03:47 NishaLawbringer Borderlands the Pre-Sequel: All of Nisha's heads Fan the Hammer is Nisha's second skill tree.

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Level 70 Skill Build for Nisha the Lawbringer: Law & Order 12 - Fan the  Of course, if all of that sounds a little too Claptrap-ish for you, you'll also be able to play as Athena, Nisha, and Wilhelm, who all bring their own badass (albeit a bit  Builds for Wilhelm are powerful but are simply boring compared to the likes of Nisha or Jack's double, Timothy. Borderlands The Pre-Sequel | Aurelia Builds.

the 97732660 , 91832609 . 74325593 of 54208699 and If playback Best build! *Nisha*. I'm playing with 1-3 irl friends and they say i suck cuz i'm getting downed alotWhen all im doing is face enemies to ♥♥♥ em up. I'm the highest lvl and always been in borderlands 2 and TSP. I'm the one dealing most dmg of them cuz of those skills Nisha got.

Killing an enemy grants you increased Movement Speed by +4% and Gun Damage by +5% per rank, for a short time. Ruthless - Kills made during Showdown Skill Calculator for Nisha the Lawbringer. Try out new skills, experiment, design your perfect build, and share with others! For Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "My Builds For Nisha And Wilhelm".
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I've been seeing a lot of posts recently about people being stuck with certain characters at various points in TPS, so I thought I would throw in my two cents on some of the characters that I've had a lot of experience with. My current build is something along the lines of this right here.
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Heads that come unlocked with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel to begin customization. Tradable heads that can be unlocked through Order: 1 1 Every time you take 15% of your maximum health in damage you gain a stack of Order, capped at 10 stacks. For each Order stack, you have a 1.2% chance to heal double the damage taken. Skill Calculator for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel characters. Choose one to get started! For other uses, see Gunslinger.